If the title of this post hasn’t given it away yet…you’re an idiot. I digress. But really though, I’m not sure if I love this or hate it. As usual, M.I.A blesses humanity with another beautiful set of powerful visuals. Also in a similar fashion, she’s once again selected a nice instrumental on top which to lace some pretty captivating lyrics. So what’s the problem, you might be wondering?

Frankly…I do like this a lot…and though the lyrics are extremely socially and culturally needed, and easily digestible, I’m not in love with the overall delivery. Hear me out now.

I’m tired of hearing the drowsey M.I.A. From my perspective, she’s been in the game for too long, no less under the title of “rapper” just appear with a riveting record from time to time. Is she trying to make a classic album…even if it’s just one for her entire career? Is it wrong of me to want an M.I.A. wanting to make a name for herself in hip hop…or even just music as a whole. Should I not expect her to really lyrically flex on a record every now and then?

As talented as she is, it seems like M.I.A only makes an appearance when the planets are perfectly aligned. Additionally, especially for a rapper, there’s an overwhelming sense of a whole team of writers and producers behind all of her records. Yes, they are good records. Yes, I may even be jaded by today’s soap oprah, circus act of hip hop competition, but I want more. Thankful nonetheless for her continued overall contributions to music, I’ll let you all decide. Is it time for M.I.A to really breakthrough, or are we content with her being just another cog in the music machine, allbeit an extra shiny one gleaming with hopes of a better future for music?

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