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So now that Instagram will soon allow you to log into multiple accounts, I’m predicting a sharp increase in Instagram models. Instagram models, are kind of like…instant ramen noodles. Hear me out. While both are completely awesome to partake in, for the most part, you’re consuming pretty much 100% fake shit. Not to sound salty…pun intended…because Ramen noodles…ARE salty…but neither of them are really good for you. Ramen noodles are made of the same stuff yoga mats are made of…which is disheartening to someone who regularly practices yoga..but additionally, you can expect to get no additional value with them in your life.

As much as all our male viewers would love to have a 10…aka every woman on Instagram who sports one of those ridiculous fitness company water bottles, with the plastic ball, meant to, I presume, ensure that whatever anabolic steroids these girls are mixing into their “smoothies” gets evenly distributed into…I digress. Alright, so there’s a clear cut line between the Indiegram Models, and your top dollar high end fashion models. Daniela Braga, from Brazil is of the latter category.

She’s been featured in everything from Victoria’s Secret to Harper’s Bazzar, which essentially means you have to be in the upper echelon of modeling. One quick glance at her spreads and you realize that you start to feel poor, because the stuff she models it pretty much solely for the consumption of the top 1%. Well, those of them who can actually fit into it. Queue Bernie Sanders.

Anywho…check out a few curated shots of this Brazilian beauty, and check out her cameo in Ryan Leslie’s latest video, The Wonderful Ones.

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Shots by: yossimichaeli.com