A starchild of the late Tesla, Zhudaru emcee HeyeYella out of St Pete never tries to impress, but somehow can’t not on this 11-track ode to elevation called Shit Cool. The DJ Knox-hosted offering is a Labyrinth of magnetic flows mixed with esoteric introspection. I have all faith that you will be using your rewind button on this one, so you’ll be able to catch any gems you miss on the first go-round. I can’t decide which track has the most intriguing production; it’s all pretty left field and it’s that very thing that helps Yella to craft his own personal sound. For that we can thank frequent Zhudaru collaborators Ty Stokes and Pluto. “Vibe” so far is my new personal favorite on the project (the lo-fi funk called “Sleep” was my favorite at first but I been playing that out since last year). The hook and cadence on “IDGAF” makes me want to go hit the lab right now. I could go on but when would you have a chance to listen? If you made it this far, you already know what it is. Light up a blee, gather the squad around the fire, and throw on Shit Cool. When you finish up, check out Yella’s interview with Moji Wilson down bottom. Burn up and catch the groove: