While live instrument-based music wasn’t my first language, I have certainly come to appreciate all of its nuances. This comes, in part, from my exposure to the bone-shattering styles of Tampa alternative band Samurai Shotgun. I’ve enjoyed their artistic offerings and their live shows are amazingly fun. Also, it doesn’t hurt that lead vocalist Prince Golden adds the emcee element in the mix; I feel sonic blends done in this fashion can assist in bridging the gaps between fans of varying genres – especially in my case. This new drop “The Blast” puts me in a hip hop mood, the way the drums kick off the record and roll on through the break into the chorus. Following their proven formula, Prince provides the right insightful, energized vocals and lays them cleanly on band’s music bed. I mean all but offense when I say I am reminded of Radiohead‘s vibe when I throw Samurai on. Shouts to these gentlemen. I wonder if they’ll drop a video for this… Thank your water and catch the vibe: