I thought when I saw the Oregon Ducks unveil their flat black helmets, it couldn’t get any tougher. WRONG! Ladies and gentlemen, lets hope they win this upcoming Rose Bowl. I know, were late..but when I saw this helmet…I literally shit myself…then proceeded to bang on the keyboard resulting in this: flhnjgh;ladfj;ladfkjha;lgjafgjlg;kjafsgl;kaglkasgasdg. Are you serious? I don’t even know what color that is…chrome..black chrome..silver..wdbc (what the blood clot)! Peep this realness! Say it after me America: What deee bloooodddd clottt! I’ve managed to insert this dope uniform viewer image host to give you readers out there the full experience. The designers at Nike are genius for this. These uniforms will make the other team question the financial stability of their college…I’ve said enough. Enjoy and Share!