Wait. Just read this first! I’m still in tears!

lebron 13 max

Top of the night to you all! Another NBA season is upon us and that means we’re looking at a new signature LeBron James sneaker. If you’ve already peaked to the end of this post, you’ll realize the shoe from the Facebook Post above slightly varies from the actual release images, however…the point was still made…and accurately I might add.

Let me preface by saying that I’ve been extremely open to previous LeBron model designs. The general consensus, per “the internet”, is that the designs have gone downhill around the 9s/10s. I would respectfully disagree, as I greatly appreciated the vision behind the most recent 11 and 12 models.

But these shits right here! These shits right here…are turrible…with a “t”! Naturally, I did my research on the tech objective that initiated this 13th model. Obviously….we’re taking Nike’s word that they’re actually running LeBron through a battery of tests in an almost Neo like fashion to develop a shoe for “game-changing explosiveness”…

Investors? Possibly YOU!

The 13’s look too unbalanced. The aggressive foot arch is something we haven’t really seen on any previous models. The introductory colorway is horrific. The sole, which may actually do it’s job…fuels an aroma of something via Hood By Air. More tears! The shape of the “impact zones on the actual upper of the shoe look too borrowed from the 12’s/ the ninja turtles. A great hooping shoe, perhaps, but frankly…WHAT ARE THOOOOSEEE! Check out the detailed images below, as well as the official press release from Nike.

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