Okay, real talk, this is the illest  art work I’ve seen in  minute. Odeith, is a Portuguese (from Portugal) based street artist who is hands down one of the illest I’ve ever seen. I’ve been  huge fan of street art, since the likes of Banksy and Mad Seen. Even in my high school days, I came up with a bunch of talented graffiti artists, but Odeith, takes the cake. His understanding on light and perspective is amazing. Seriously, take some time to really enjoy these pieces. If you need more Odeith, check out more of his work below. Don’t forget to share, enjoy and visit CLPNation.com every day of your life.

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3d-graffiti-art-odeith-2 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-15 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-31 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-41 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-61 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-71 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-81 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-91 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-101 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-111 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-121 3d-graffiti-art-odeith-131

  • Elma Cannon

    Wow.! to much TALENT . So GOOODDDDDD . .! ! !