Hmmm…..where to begin with this one. I know I’ve said in the past that Nicki Minaj is bad as hell…maybe I spoke too soon. While I don’t understand why she is prancing around in a non-flattering bikini with lime green hair…just looking silly as fuck…this is America…and she’s getting money in an industry that has proven to be very fickle. I miss the old Nicki Minaj, who was just sexy as fuck and could spit along side some of the most iconic MC’s, but…hey…get money…pop bottles…racks on racks on racks…you got it, BALL OUT! This record is shitty, and the video is a laxative. The CG spaceship at the beginning…shitty. The green hair and pink bikini…also shitty. I hearby decree, with the power vested in me by the Nation that is CLP, that as of this 27th day in April of 2012 A.D….this video will now be official renamed Nicki Minaj – Shitships. Share and enjoy!


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