Peep the smooth, almost melancholy vibes on Nicey Most‘s x K Felk & Tony Old Skool-produced “Holiday Thoughts” from the recent not-quite-a-mixtape, SOLSTICE. Nicey describes the compilation as a moment and I can dig it. You may have seen music from featured artist John Q come across our pages in the past; not the same story for Mave but the future is looking bright. The SOLSTICE collection is only 4-tracks long, but has an array of vibes for you to enjoy in a short period of time. I’ve been sitting with this one for a minute now, my bad! After my first play through a few weeks ago, I was rocking tracks 1 & 2, but track 4 (“Holiday Thoughts”) stuck with me in the end, though the former are still formidable records. Burn up and catch the vibe: