Man this kid Caskey is nice with it. Loving the concept behind this video, and more importantly the record. There’s so much that could be said regarding money being the root of all evil, and most of it would probably be 100% accurate. I’ve always seen that side of the story, but for some reason…those who never had any money always want it…and those who had it always want more.  It’s easy to assume that not chasing money would solve a’lot of the world’s issues, however, for many of us, money means stability and peace of mind. It mean’s being able to provide for our loved ones and possibly bettering their respective situations. For those looking to survive, it means doing whatever it takes to put food on the table. For those of us looking to thrive, it means being able to put food on the table for ourselves, as a result of ourselves. Whatever your reason is for getting up every morning to grind as hard as you possibly can…just make sure you’re always making the right decisions for you and those that you are potentially grinding for. Work smarter, not harder….never forget where you came from and those people who helped you get where you are…and never forget to pay it forward in as many ways as possible.  Share and enjoy this record. The visuals definitely keep those gears turning. Dope shit.


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