Alright…so I don’t usually like sharing “commercial/what’s popping” videos, but I have a certain affinity for this 2 Chainz Yuck record. His album Based on a T.R.U. Story was a solid debut production and more particularly…this record hits the GO HAM section of my music heart. Lil Wayne is still stranger…and with the numerous parodies that he’s fallen victim to…it’s hard to take him seriously. But he’s getting money (or at least I hope he is) and I can never hate on that. 2 Chainz killed, but the video didn’t do the record the justice it deserved. There are titties in it, so I’m posting the WSHH version of it because I know they aren’t sticks in the mud and won’t pull it like some other well known video sites. Cough…YouTube…cough. -_-. Share and enjoy!

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