What’s up everyone? Sorry, we’ve been slow on posts. Things are getting busy back at the CLP Headquarters. Thankfully, because this hasn’t affected our levels of illness, we’re back to bring you more new music. Tonight, we’re going to start you off with visuals from Messiahbolical’s new record: Beast. The title does speak for itself as the #BoothMonster flexes on this record, originally O.G Boo’s Instrumental for ‘She a Freak’. Props, as always, to our fam from over in the UK. Share and enjoy…and don’t forget to check out CLPNation.com daily for new music and videos. Also, this record is available for free download below so if you’re diggin’ it…then show some support and grab yourself a copy.


Messiahbolical – Beast #BoothMonster from messiahbolical on Vimeo.


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