About a week ago we featured Mpluse’s The Loaf Scripture. That record was serious, s0 jamming this Waiting For the Sequel EP was pretty much a no brainer. Did I mention I was able to easily bump it  from front to back ? MPulse’s contribution  to the CLPNation.com vault of wickedness is his latest EP: Waiting For the Sequel. The album is a solid realistic view of his daily grind and come up in the game. He constantly touches on the fact that being successful in music takes work while maintaining humility through the album. The verses are easy to follow, and the songwriting is extremely respectable. His production is definitely unique to his sound, which is something that less experienced independent artist’s struggle with today. Waiting For The Sequel is eight tracks worth spending sometime with. I love how the records transition into each other. The instrumentals have a richer feel to them, and all the mixes are on point. We bring you a’lot of music on a regular basis here at CLPNation.com. We’re apart of this ever changing music industry but regardless of which direction the “game” goes…it’s always easy to pick apart the real creative talent from those just playing dress up. Share and enjoy MPulse’s : Waiting For The Sequel. Visit CLPNation.com daily for new music and other creative works!

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