Just the other day, @AlecBurnright and I were going back on forth about a movie theater around the corner from where we grew up, that showed movies for 99 cents! Ironically enough, one of the first movies I ever saw in this 99 cent theater was Batman Begins. Come to think of it, a homie who worked at the concession stand may have actually gotten us in for free. The struggle might have been that real. I digress. I need not go into how wicked Batman Begins was, and how I was literally amazed when the Tumbler came shredding across the big screen.


Fast forward to today, and two childhood titans clash to combine for one awesomely cool toy. LEGO, debuted the Tumbler and Figures just a few days ago, and without a doubt, I’ll be copping. There are quite a few DIY versions of the Tumbler, but this is as official as they come! The completed model measures 15 inches long, 9 inches wide, and stands just over 5 inches tall, which is pretty damn impressive scaling when you think about it. Additionally, the entire kit will run you about $199 when it drops in September of 2014, but with a total piece count of 1896, seems about well worth it. Share and enjoy!

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