We’ve never heard of Pyes, nor this You Are record, so he had one shot to hook us in here at The Nation. He came away successful. I can’t exactly pin point the exact moment where I decided to divert my full attention to this record and video. Initially the way it was being shot, wasn’t pretty enough for me…but the record was moving along nicely, so I kept watching. We enjoyed it, and now we’re bringing it to you all for the free 99.

Visit CLPNation.com daily as we curate only the best works from across the internet. Since the video was dope, we’re including the full credits below. Cue a round of applause.

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Megan Massey & Jonathan Harvey

Pyes – You Are
Produced By Nawlege The Beathustler

Artwork By:
Kyle A. Allen “JumpFall”

Make Up By: Kara Fticar
Hair By: Sasha Vella

Special Thanks to:
Alioli Ristorante
Radix Performance

Shot By:
Ryder Vision Films