Maybe I should play the lottery this week, because I’ve unearthed another piece of video magic! This Dying Light Parkour POV short, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen…unless you’ve already seen this. I won’t even bother to anecdote it for you all because it’s that much of a must watch, The good folks at Ampisound are responsible for the production of this gem, and the full credits for the film are below. Share share share!

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Directed by Scott Bass

Produced by Ampisound

Hero Runner: Toby Segar
Bald Zombie: Alex Potts
Military Zombie: Phil Doyle
Wild Zombie: Neil Cointet
Makeup: Hannah Kirk
DIT & Production Assist: Charlie Scott

Also, check out the Dying Light – Story Trailer to get an advanced look at the video game this short film was modeled after.