Oh snap! Here’s an easy contender for record of the night. Wonda has been making waves in the blog world for a solid minute now and we’ve been supporting his movement here at CLPNation.com, since our initial exposure to him. The visuals are really on point, but never overshadow the legitimacy of this record. @AKing_CLP actually put me on this record, after she saw the initial post on Facebook. She said the post, in combination with the title was enough to keep her clicking at least long enough to give the song a spin. From there is was shared to me, and now I’m bringing it to you all for free. Solid job on the marketing tip, Wonda. The rest of you…share and enjoy! Again, we’re always looking for feedback on any of the music that we post on CLPNation.com, so whether you love it, hate it…or hate us for sharing dope music better than anyone in the whole league…let us know! Safe! A free download of this record is available for FREE here.


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