Flip scripting time! This video actually appeared in a random internet browser pop-up and instead of scrambling to figure out where the gawd awful music (usually associated with annoying internet pop-ups), I put my mouse down and just listened to it. This is my first encounter with Shiban and this Reason Dies record, but I’m hooked. I keep reminding you all on a daily basis, with every post I put up, that CLPNation.com is here for all creative works…so our hip hop demographic might be a little frazzled by this post, but this is good music. I’ll be keeping up on Shiban, but until then…jam the shit out of this record, it’s legit! Did I mention the visuals are cray as well? If you’re in the making it rain on some iTunes downloads, their latest record: Episode 1 – Run Away – EP can be purchased here.