So, the homie Joe Cooke put me and @AlecBurnright on this acoustic cover of Rich Homie Quan’s Type of Way. Upon first listen…everything seems to go smoothly…until…Jesse Strawn, does it and says it. This is a solid cover, no doubt, but tonight’s topic of discussion is not new by any means. If, you’ve been watching this video, while reading this piece, then you have to know where this is going. Nigga, nigguh, nicca, ni99a and whatever other spelling and or pronunciation variations all derive from the word nigger, which is an even further derivative of the word niger and it’s variations. The word itself, in today’s society is still a double edged anomolie. It’s a staple in today’s music and culture, especially with hip hop and rap music in the spotlight. It’s a word that’s used loosely across generations and cultures. It’s a word that any person (with enough street cred) from almost every “other” group or “minority” can say, except white people. I won’t go in to the obvious reasons why society deems it inappropriate for white people to use this word but what happens when a Jesse Strawn does it? Controversial or artistic? Can the “N” word continue to be used by everyone and anyone but white people, or should it be a word that needs to die to show how we’ve better educated and progressed ourselves as a society? I grew up around an eclectic group of friends when I was a shorty. White, Black, Asian, Island and Hispanic. We, as young and reckless, coming of age boys said it. We weren’t offended, because it was used a a way to represent our bond and never to degrade one another or anyone else for that matter. I never looked at my white friends differently for using it and I don’t take offence to when I hear it in music or other creative works. Hell, even if someone is using it in a destructive way, which come to think of it…I really haven’t heard in a while…I would look at them as though they were embarrassing themselves more than actually offending someone. I could honestly ride this topic into the ground, but enough of me! What are your thoughts? Is Jesse Strawn good to go, because ultimately this is musical cover, or is he in the out of line for this? If this word does offend you, we want to know why. We want your thoughts so that hopefully, the light shed by you, based on your experiences, can really help bring people that one day, our children won’t even have need for such a topic of discussion. Needless to say, if you’re digging this cover, show Jesse Strawn some love and share and enjoy. We welcome your feedback always. MD of out!


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