Now I know…I KNOW I’ve been telling you all about Pusha T, and how real he was. I heard this record when it first dropped, but neglected to post it immediately, because I was putting some awesome submissions ahead of it. Don’t hate me for it. Obviously, with that being said, I’m quite aware that this record isn’t new by any means, but it’s still solid.

This is one of the more eclectic sounding records of 2013, but could you really expect less from Pusha? As usual, King Push doesn’t disappoint as he gracefully slides over this awesome beat. Additionally, is it just me, or did Kanye and Don Cannon just kill this beat?

This record is solid all the way around, so is bringing it to you for free. Share and enjoy! Visit daily for more wicked music, videos and spot light on the most creative talent in and out of the industry.

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