Alright, so this submission landed on my desk tonight and upon first listen, I recognized up the main melody from Rockie Fresh’s Electric Highway (awesome album by the way). From there, this record was pretty much a no brainer. I love the bounce this dude Pell has, and the beat is awesome ear candy. The visuals are good, but I wanted them to tell a better story, especially since the record is so infectious. I’m not hating by any means, because this record is still gas, but I wouldn’t be doing my job effectively if I wasn’t bringing you all the facts. Pell has a mixtape out: Feel Good Summer. I’ve downloaded it and if it’s anything close to the caliber of this record, I’ll be back with a full review. You can grab your free copy here, but until then, as always, share and enjoy. Visit daily. We bring you records like this, and keep it real when we pick them apart. Safe!


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