Well now. Didn’t see that one coming. If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, then you’ll just have to check out Gambino’s video for Telegraph Ave. The video, features a whimsical Jhene Aiko cameo, or rather co starring role. The video seems pretty straight forward, and covers Telegraph Ave (Oakland By Lloyd) which was one of my favorite records off Because The Internet.

If you haven’t checked out Because The Internet, you should…because it was one of the better albums in the last year or so. It’s interesting how Gambino chooses to release videos for his record, as it was mearly a couple weeks ago where he dropped his Mixtape/Album compilation: STN MNT / Kauai, which was also very, very good. In fact STN MNT might have easily been the best hip hop mixtape in years. Seriously!

Either way, peep the video for Telegraph Ave, and let us know how you felt about this one. As always, visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the best creative works from across the Internets. That ending though. Share and enjoy!

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