I want to say that everything Timbaland touches has potential to turn to gold. With over 10K likes on this record since it’s release a few days ago, I think this one may be well on it’s way. Timbo, respectfully of course is still a musical genius, and that’s easily evident from his production on the record, as well as his song writing ability that I’m almost positive is displayed throughout the chorus. This is also my first encounter with artist Nyemiah Supreme, but that Timbo cosign does go a long away. I’m hoping that Nyemiah is really behind those bars, because that would be much appreciated, that she possesses talent and just not visual appeal. That chorus though! That chorus is waiting to be picked up by radio, if they can figure out a way to censor and destroy it first, of course. This one is getting the CLPNation.com thumbs up of approval, so the rest is on you to share and enjoy!


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