Damn! I couldn’t have discovered a more perfect song and video to share on MLK Day. A midst the promo flyers of MLK wearing a crown and gold chains, flanked by Photo shopped images of Nicki Minaj…and the car shows…and turn up filled cook outs…I wanted to write a deep piece on the progress intended by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wanted to reiterate his messages of freedom and equality for all. For what though? So tomorrow, we could resume our regularly scheduled programming? So we could keep lusting over each other’s significant others? So we could keep hating on anyone and everyone trying to better themselves? So we could continue to judge people by the color of their skin, and perpetuate racial stereotypes? So we could continue senseless acts of violence, for material objects? So we could continue to let money be the soul purpose of our hard work and dedication to the things we put our mind to? Was that what Dr. King intended for us?


This video is meant to offend. It’s meant to inspire change. It’s meant to recognize real talent in hip hop. This dude Mick Jenkins is nothing to fuck with. Immediately after hearing Martyrs, I downloaded his latest release: Tree and Truth and haven’t stopped listening yet.

This Martyrs video is a breathe of fresh air…if you get it. If not…there’s still time. Visit CLPNation.com for more awesome shit. Salute to Mick Jenkins for making some music worth holding on to. Be sure to check out Trees and Truth below. It’s free. I’m sure you’ll be bored with it within the first few tracks, mostly because it’s meaningful music…and seems like those days are far behind us…just like equality and brotherly love. Damn shame.

Niggas a’int really listening…

FREE DOWNLOAD: Mick Jenkins – Trees and Truth


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