I don’t always listen to Mac Miller records, but when I do, I like to accidentally stumble upon his better works. I Am Who Am (no typo) is a pretty solid record that features the stunning voice of Niki Randa, whom I had never heard of until about 30 seconds ago. I digress. I’m being quite honest with our viewers, by affirming that I’m not a fan of Mac Miller. Let me explain. I don’t dislike his music, but Mac Miller to me, was what Scarface was in high school. Every dude was running around quoting lines from the movie, so naturally, being the Old G that I am, I was like, on to the next one. I refused to get caught up in the hype and my life was no less fulfilling as a result. Years later I realized that there was some illness surrounding the movie, as I’m sure the same is true about Mac Millers music, but like Scarface, Miller’s music bandwagon has been overloaded from day one. Perhaps this I Am Who Am record will get me enjoying more of his stuff. Again, I don’t hate Mac Miller or his music, I’m just waiting for the hype to die down so I can enjoy it at my own pace. What’s funny is that recently I was chopping it up up in the studio, and it seems that only the younger generation appreciates Mac’s music, even though his first hit came out quite some years ago (Nikes On My Feet). That means either these young thunder cats are easily captivated by anything shiny and new, or someone’s generation is flagging. Until then, visit CLPNation.com daily for new music and videos from only the most talented artists. Also, if you’re digging this record/video…then do yourself a favor and share and enjoy it! Love! By the way, I’m hearing good things about Mac Miller’s album…but again…in due time!


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