Off top, this is 3 videos all merged into one. I cannot stress how worth it these videos/record are. Once again, Lupe gives all the shenanigans(especially in the United States) a big fuck you by delivered jaw dropping records and visuals. “…I know they sayin, Lupe rapping about the same shit, well…that’s because shit a’int change bitch…”. I’m glad to see Lupe Fiasco is back at it. There are times where it feels like we’re overwhelmed with nonsense in the country, and even throughout the world. One quick glance around, and it’s easy to realize that everything is force fed to us. Frankly, I think that’s because mother fuckers are too stoo…stoo…stooopid to think for themselves, feel for themselves and decide for themselves. We’re always waiting for someone else to show us the way, and 9 times out of 10, the money driven media and government are the ones holding the flashlight. Props to Lupe Fiasco, for once again, keeping it 1000. Share and enjoy if this piece made you feel some type of way, or leave us a comment below. Visit daily for new music and video reviews, plus our take on the best creative works the world has to offer. Safe!


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