Who’s ready for for more flip scripting? Noone? That’s fine, I’m still bringing this record to you all for Free 99. I was actually at the office, and a co worker put me onto Lorde. I had seen her name come across VH1 previously, but I honestly dismissed her, because I wasn’t completely sold. Honestly, I’m not completely sold on Lorde yet, mostly because I felt like her lane was handled well enough by Lana Del Rey. However, this Tennis Court record has that sonic appeal to it that makes it very addictive. Additionally, the visuals are weird, but superb nonetheless. Again, this one is on the house, so just thank me later. Better yet, if you’re digging it, share and enjoy. Then, when you’re done with all that, make sure to visit CLPNation.com daily…because this shit isn’t a game. The creative works we bring to you all are legitimately better than the trash mainstream media is constantly trying to force you to like. Pow! Straight like that!


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