Here’s another submission that came through our pipeline tonight. I’m usually skeptical of younger artists, because I feel like they lack a’ lot of the real life experience that is required to give music that authentic voice. Thankfully for you all, we’re all really good at our job here at, so we’re always reviewing work thoroughly and Council Commission, by Kelly Rush (19) made the cut tonight or today depending on when you’re reading this. The record is really chill, and the visuals are exactly what I was hoping for: authentic. I’m digging the beat (Produced by Vybe) and Kelly does hold his own very nicely. I’ll keep an eye out for more material from the homie Mr. Rush, but for now, this video is definitely worth your time. Share and enjoy. As always, don’t forget to visit daily for our take on all the creative talent that really deserves the spotlight. By the way, Lil Wayne didn’t really step on the U.S. flag, he kinda just was doing his job and shooting a video. How come no one bitched when ASAP Rocky hung the U.S. flag upside down. Seriously…stop being so damn sensitive…music is an art form.

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