Alrighty, so firstly, we apologize for the delay on this new video. It dropped yesterday evening, but things have been buzzing here at The Nation as we plan for our upcoming 11/22/13 show. However, no matter what, we can always find time to show some love to those talented few who are also driven and motivated to deliver nothing but the best. Firstly, I’m loving the visuals so props to DAPPRoductions for solid film work. Secondly, let’s not underestimate the bars delivered by Kay H and Dopest TheKa$h. Need Mines, is chill sonically, but really speaks to you as Kay H and Dopest Ka$h examine the double edged sword behind the go-getter mentality.  I’m digging the overall vibe of this record, so as usual it’s our pleasure to add it to the collection of awesomeness, that is best know as Give us your feedback on this one. Till then, visit daily for more awesome music, videos and other creative works. Bless!


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