It behooves  me that this video only has a shade over 2k view on the good ole YouTube. This shit should have been blowed up by now. I swear you dummies just keep sleeping on all the wicked music and indirectly supporting all this other rubbish by “turning up” to it. Assholes! I hate you all. I digress. Luckily for you, here at, we do not support rubbish in any shape or form. I came across this K. Rudd, BLOW record tonight and it’s been my jam of the week thus far. 

k. rudd, blow

The visuals are excellent and credits for production on this video are in line. The record itself starts off with some haunting vocals, I’d presume provided by Jesse Rutherford, and then blasts into K. Rudd undeniable cadence. From there there’s really no turning back on this one, especially when the “fuck you think you alive for…” hits. Perfect.

I’ve run this record back at least 10 times since first listen, and I’ve also downloaded K. Rudd’s latest album W.I.M.I to check out over the next few days. See how simple that is when you come across a good artist or song or body of work? My only complaint about this listening experience…is why the fuck this record not available for download? Other than that, this one is worth more than a few listens. Inhale for me!

If you’re liking this one, be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know why. Also, as always, visit daily for out take on the best creative works both new and old. Credits for the production are below, so up and comers take notes. Also, shout outs to 4e for solid instrumentation.


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Director: Matthew Baus (@bausism) & Cecil MB (@logiksmind)
Produced by: MADEBUYUS In collabration w/ Tj Rode
Creative Direction/Styling: Alexa Demie
Edited/FX: Dylan Leong
Color Correction: Federico Janni
RED Provided by DP: Aashish Ghandi