Fact: I enjoyed this video, before I ever listened to Justin Timberlakes’ 20/20 Experience. I’ve since listened to the album a few times, and I actually enjoy it. With all the rubbish music circulating the internet these days, it’s always good to have these veterans deliver quality work. For you thirsty or sensitive people out there, I feel obligated to preface this video review with the following: This video contains nudity, thus it is awesome. Timbaland and JT ran back the Future Sex/Love Sounds formula for this record, and of course…even with the nudity, Justin still delivers a classy record and set of visuals. The instrumentation is classic Timbaland which is always exciting to listen to. The chorus is catchy, and though Justin Timberlake is unfortunately just another gear in the machine known as music, he’s still skillful enough to make the skeptics (like me) remember why he is the truth. It’s been a while since we’ve shared any “industry” records on CLPNation.com, but we figured we’d pay our respects to the few talented ones still doing it. Share and enjoy. As always, don’t forget to check out CLPNation.com daily for new music and video reviews, as well as our take on who’s really putting that extra effort into their creative works.

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