I’m posting this video, because IAMZANE legitimately killed this record. Most of you all will skip past this one, and I’m cool with that, because ultimately it’s your loss. IAMZANE is extremely introspective on this record, asking questions that many of us are too scared to ask, and even too scared to admit that we’d like to ask. This record implores us to look at the bigger picture, and because this is something I’ve been learning to do of late, I’m digging this one. Where are all my awakened people? We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think of this record, and be sure to visit CLPNation.com daily for new music! Share and enjoy! Who Am I is off IAMZANE’s latest album: Wake Up Music, which can be downloaded for free below.


Free Download: IAMZANE – Wake Up Music

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