Drum roll please. The visuals are finally here! Rap God took the internet and the hip hop world by storm, leaving no doubt that Eminem was in fact one of the best to ever cuff a mic. Of course there were those who hated…and those who probably didn’t even know that Eminem recently dropped the Marshall Mathers LP 2 which moved  779,000 units during its first week. Those numbers don’t lie, and this record only further justifies them. The visuals are major label to say the least, but they work. Mr. Shady has regained his spot atop the Billboard charts, but let’s be real…was there any doubt he wouldn’t deliver? I’ve listen to The Marshall Mathers LP thoroughly and was very pleased with it. It’s almost like a greatest hits type album, as he revisits the plethora of styles that have helped craft one of the most illustrious music careers of this modern era. He really hasn’t lost a step, though I know so many were convinced he had. However, I can’t help but feel, that despite it’s success, so many people have still slept on this latest project. Eminem didn’t make the records easy to digest. In order to appreciate his lyrical ability and wit, you do have to run the records back. You really do have to sit with the album as a whole and enjoy it from front to back. Unfortunately, this current generation has gotten fairly privy to baby food music. Mushy, easy to chew music, that can be easily digested by an infant, with limited brain capacity and social responsibility. I digress.  While he doesn’t really need any more sales, if you’re in the purchasing mood, you can grab your copy from iTunes here. Share and enjoy this video with a friend, or your mother. Then, and only then, should you visit CLPNation.com daily for more awesome music, videos and other creative works. It’s our duty to bring you all only the best, so keep us honest if we’re not living up to your expectations. Say no to baby food music!



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