UPDATE → Check out the Deja Vu EP by Park 321 has been released; check it out here.

It feels great to be kicking off the new year with all our readers and supporters alike. With the first post in the 2014 CLPNation.com year, we’ve got a record with awesome feel good vibes courtesy of John Q, KB Da Boss and SuCoo. All three have been regular sightings on CLPNation.com, so it’s without question that we have this “Deja Vu” record starting things off right. The visuals, courtesy of Fill In The _____ Productions. If you’re feeling this record, be sure to show some love by commenting below or re-sharing it! Visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the best new music, videos and other creative works!

After you wrap up here, check out the behind the scenes footage.

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