What the fuck Beyonce? 80,000 copies sold in 3 hours on iTunes? And no one even knew you were dropping an album? What the fuck? Alright, so I’m about to check out her album and see what the rage is about, but here are the facts regarding this record and video. Beyonce is just all around bad as hell…so it doesn’t hurt that she’s pointlessly frolicking around on the beach with Jay Z. The beat is huge and should blow in no time. Jay Z killed this verse, but I have a funny feeling a lot of people will miss that. Either way, I’m not sure how long this video will be available online (props to WSHH.com for not getting it blocked….yet) so enjoy it while you can. Let us know what you think about the record and video. I’m digging this one, minus the surf board line at the end of Beyonce’s verse. That was just weird. But she’s still bad as hell. Share and enjoy!

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