Kinda weird, all funky. I think I like this French band, Apple Jelly. The gentleman in the safety crossing guard jacket seems to be tired of the system and he’s dancing up a storm to show how much of a funk he no longer gives. Then he finds his first follower: this bad brunette in a Mink coat who apparently has even less fucks to give and decides to dance with him. However, in the end, his lost control seems to have been regained and he goes back to be being a boring drone; now who is the baby in the mink coat going to dance with?

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Réalisateur: Jérémi Durand
Produit par Beast Invest Media.
Producteurs: Anna Moll et Jérémi Durand
Directeurs de la photographie: Ian Coad et Xu-Ming Lo Tong
Danseurs: Petru Hriscu et Alize Biannic
Maquillage: Florence Pilcher
Styling: Rachel Heavey et Attiqueue London
Merci a: Vincent Genie, Martin McManus, Jasmin Hoinka et Jean-Paul Vial.
Montage: Jérémi Durand
Grading: AVION (Prague, Cz)
Shooté en HD sur DSLR. Disponible en 1280x720pix, toute conversion possible. Durée: 3min30sec.