Wow! Big ups to the good folks over at! Tragedy and Genius Picaso killed this record. This is actually my first time hearing about Tragedy, but this Manifest Destiny record certainly made an awesome first impression. Newbies take note, for this is real music. Tragedy easily handles this beat, while keeping this track running with his veteran flow. The instrumental, produced by Genius Picaso, is more like an epic movie score, but is paired nicely with some heavy 808 drums. It’s always refreshing to hear something that sounds different, but still meets the criteria of a tough record. Props to Tragedy and Genius. Well done gents. The rest of you all, share and enjoy Tragedy tha Beast’s Manifest Destiny if your digging this one. If not..piss off! I’m joking. If you’re not feeling it, let us know why. Either way, be sure to check out daily for more ill tunes, visuals and creative works from everyone doing it and saying it for the love of the art and not the almighty dollar sign. Bless!


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