Damn. Now that everyone has had an opportunity to digest Miley Cyrus’ performance from the VMA’s, and subsequently let her performance distract everyone from the nonsense that is about to take place in Syria…pause….we’re back with some real music. As Pusha T continues to define his solo career, the truth about his true musical abilities is becoming more and more clear. What was once only appreciated by a cult following of The Clipse and Re-Up Gang, now shares the stage with Chris Browns and Rick Ross’. Sweet Serenade is an absolutely solid record, that features a most mellow Chris Brown and a most eloquent Pusha T. Every lyric is audible, which leaves only room for the listener to pay attention. The instrumental was beautifully produced by Pharrell Williams and actually reminds us of what he’s really capable of. I’m digging this record a lot, and while not indie ground, this one is still worth the share and enjoy. You all aren’t really ready for #MNIMN….10.8.13. Bless!

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