Panama. If you don’t know who he is, be thankful that we here at do. Here’s the proof. I digress. Panama’s latest record, Against The Wall surprised the hell out of me. I’d been meaning to sample this Cold Play – Paradise record for quite some time, but it never made it to fruition. By the way, punch yourself in the face if you haven’t seen the aforementioned Cold Play Paradise video. I digress. Thankfully, Black Jab created something simple, yet impactful enough for Panama to rip apart. The record boasts an anthem type vibe, and if paired with some awesome visuals, should do some nice numbers. Again, special thanks to the good folks over at for sliding this record into the light for us. Panama, keep this fire coming. The rest of you, share and enjoy if this Against The Wall record is to your liking. Visit daily for the best music in the league!


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