Question. Who is D. Rose again? I digress. My Heat won…again, so I’m feeling pumped to cap off this glorious night with some ill tunes. First off is a super dope record from Mickey Factz and Yelawolf. It’s a good thing I let this record ride long enough to hear the awesome drop. I’m digging the instrumentation and both Mickey Factz’ and Yelawolf’s voices are super refreshing. Honestly, I swear there are times I have no clue what Yelawolf is actually saying…but everything he says sounds wicked…so he gets a pass. However, the moment he decided to release some bullshit, I can assure you we will not be sharing that material. Not to worry, ZEN is definitely a record worth buzzing about, so I’m glad we could serve it up fresh for you all out there in land. If you’re feeling this record, drop us a comment below and let us know why. Visit daily for new music, videos and other superior creative works.


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