Ha, I accidentally stumbled upon this record and the title alone is worth the post. From jump, this record embodies an era of music, seemingly crafted and mastered by Kanye West especially with that Family Business sample running through the instrumental. As always Lupe takes us all the way back to a time where music had meaning and authenticity behind it. I was reading through some album credits today, and literally was astonished by the sheer number of hands in the pot. I get that with every song crafted in this era of music, especially hip hop, is with the almighty dollar behind it, but it’s good to hear artists like Lupe reminiscing to when hip hop was a producer, an emcee and the fans. I’m also enjoying how Lupe is seemingly secretly shitting on a whole lot of wack artists, simply by giving words of advice. Here’s another solid record that is definitely worth the share and enjoy. Lupe has an album on the way soon (Tetsuo And Youth), so we’ll keep you posted as to our thoughts on that. Props to Ed Sheeran for his vocal contribution to this record as well.

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