Relevant thought of the night: It’s easier to separate a legit singer from other aspiring vocalists, than it is to separate a legit rapper from his/her respective counterparts. Part of that may be the fact that becoming a rapper for most is nothing more than a fashion statement. I digress. One standout feature of a legit singer can simply be describe as having a “big” voice. Kris Kelli definitely has a big voice, and she flexes it nicely on this I Got UR Man record. Overall the record displays a’lot of hit potential, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s not bad on the eyes as well. Jam this record, then decide for yourself. If you’re digging it, then you already know the drill: Share and enjoy! Don’t forget to visit daily because, we stay bringing you the illest records. Can’t wait to see the visuals for this record! By the way, illest is a word, says here.

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