What were you doing when you were 17 years old? I know what Kenny Howard was doing…sending this dope ass G.o.o.n (Jesus Piece Remix) record to CLPNation.com. I enjoyed this record so much, that  before I decided to give this the nod of approval, I got up to speed on the original Jesus Piece record by The Game featuring Kanye West and Common. I really beat myself up for sleeping on this record, but I’m super appreciative that Kenny Howard did such a wicked remix, that it put me on to him as an artist, and the original record as well. If that’s not music at it’s finest…then you’re a dumb ass  I’m joking…I’m just serious. At 17, Kenny Howard spits like he has an old soul. The picture he paints across this already stellar beat is impressive, so tonight, I’m doing you all a favor and bringing it to you for free. Share and enjoy. Visit CLPNation.com daily for more ill music like this.


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