Peep this Eric Aime record that the good folks over at hooked us up with tonight.  Subconscious/Plan A Seed is a mellow and introspective record. I’m loving the two records flowing into each other. Subconscious features Eric Aime keeping it honest with his listeners while displaying his ability to ride the beat perfect. The instrumental is on point and the record over all is easy to pay attention to. Plant A Seed, the second part of this record is like an added bonus, and brags that new age Kanye vibe, which I’m particular to. Let us know how you’re feeling about this record, and if this one is to your liking, share and enjoy. As always, don’t forget to visit daily for our take on the best music and videos, from the most creatively untapped artists. We take submissions also, so don’t be shy. Submit your music to for a free review (barring your music isn’t wack).


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