Now this is more like it! I respected, but didn’t love Berzerk. I didn’t even bother to post the video, but after hearing this Rap God record, I may have to reconsider. Let’s start with the instrumental. It definitely starts off like a prototypical Eminem track, until those 808’s drop and then by that time, you’re hooked on not when, but how he’s going to destroy this track. By 2:45, you’ve forgotten that this track is less than half way over and then if you’re like me, you’re probably reconsidering what albums you currently have in rotation in your tape deck. Disagree? Let us know why by commenting below. If you’re like me and are now extremely hyped for The Marshall Mathers LP 2 to drop, then share and enjoy this record. If you’re really about this life, then be sure to pick up your copy when it’s available for sale on 11/5/13. I keep trying to tell you all that, we’re only fucking with real shit here at Visit us daily and hold us to it. It’s good to see that there are some rappers out there, who actually still rap.

Cop the MP3 for Rap God [Explicit] or maybe you have to get Rap God [Clean Version] cuz your mom won’t let you.



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