You mad? You should be. Eminem does it again. Another day, another hit, for both Mr. Mathers and Riri. The Monster featuring Rihanna, dropped today (10/28/13) as part of the upcoming album. For those of you who actually know music, you’ll realize it contains key components that have become almost necessary in the production of a hit record, so I can’t be mad for these two, sticking to what works. “The Marshal Mathers LP 2” available November 5, 2013. His new album is not a direct sequel, rather a re-visitation to the style that fueled his rise to the top as one of the best, if not the best to every spit bars on the mic. This record is guaranteed to do some serious numbers so we’ll be on the look out for the video as soon as it drops. Until then, let us know how you’re feeling about this record, and as always, be sure to check out daily for new music, videos and other creative works.

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