I‘ve been preaching that when it come’s to doing records that fill a lane that is already over saturated by nonsense, it’s imperative to go big or go home. This Bow Down record by Denzel Curry and Deniro Farrar does exactly that. The beat, produced by D.K.A.D is straight to the point and immediately get’s bodied from the first chorus.

I’ve been seeing the fans asking for visuals for this record, so we’ll be back with those as soon they drop. Till then, play this record extremely loud, and be sure to share this record with any street artist on the “come up”, but not really doing it and saying it! Let us know how you’re feeling this record by commenting below, and if you don’t like it…to each is own, but I aint worried bout shit! Visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the trillest new music and creative works!

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