Pow! Just flipped the whole script on your asses, and you a’int even know it! Yes this is country music. Yes this record is dope. No, there’s no shame in sharing it with you good fans of CLPNation.com. One of my peeps at the office put me on to this duo, Cat Paw Water(Chris Witt / Vasti Hinojosa), and this record is my personal favorite from their offerings. I know what you’re thinking…but MD, what is a Cat Paw Water? Well guess what?! I don’t even know. But! What I do know, is that their record High and Dry is pretty damn sweet. How sweet? Sweet enough that I’ll probably pull this record into the studio this weekend and sample it into a beat that makes you all wish you didn’t sleep on this duo in the first place! Alright, now let’s get down to business. There something simple yet elegant about this duo’s music. It’s got the smooth acoustics of a Chili Peppers unplugged record, but boasts a hard hitting message if you’ve ever had to deal with disappointment from someone or something you least expected it from. If you haven’t ever had to deal with the aforementioned, then you’re either in the KGB , or have the most awesome friends in the world, both of which I now hate you for. Solid! Let us know how you’re feeling about this record, and as always, visit CLPNation.com daily..for more script flipping music!

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