‘Murica Is Spelled Abella – Abella Anderson x FTSLDRS x Van Styles



Repping the 305 we felt compelled to bring you this epic Miami/ L.A. collaboration. In order of importance, shout outs go to one of the baddest B’s in Miami, Abella Anderson. Also props for the vision of FTSLDRS and Van Styles for this dope photo spread.

The incredibly bad Abella sports a “Murica Olympic themed pair of Jordan  7’s and then proceeds to wrap herself in a ‘Murican flag. Can I get an Hell Yeah? Ironically enough, I discovered Abella via a recent short film written and directed by Donald Glover called Clapping for The Wrong Reasons. It features the above mentioned Anderson, playing what appears to be an unaccounted for house guest in the chaos that his Glover’s day to day regiment. The film is quite interesting and worth the watch once you’re done salivating over Abella’s photo spread.

Check out the full gallery and video from the shoot below. Also, if you’re in the spending mood, be sure to check out the threads available at both FTSLDRS and Van Styles…links below as well.

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