Here’s a joint from Mr. Hudson featuring and produced by Kanye West. The beat is smooth and has a nice vibe, and fits Mr. Hudson’s voice extremely well. I wasn’t thrilled about Kanye’s verse(wasn’t bad..wasn’t great), however the song didn’t actually come together for me until after his verse was finished. I watched the video a few times, and I really liked it. I like the split screen look, and also the location, probably somewhere in Europe, was also a nice touch. Overall, a good track, and definitely something to cruise to.


The record is off of Mr. Hudson’s album, Straight No Chaser, which is currently out. I took some time to listed to it and it was extremely well produced. It’s got a nice new fresh sound to it, and I’m currently digging the title track “Straight No Chaser” because the beat is wicked. I watched the “Making of” this video on YouTube, but quite was I’m not posting Other than that, Mr. Hudson is a must add to anyone looking to follow talented new artists. I’ve liked his voice since his debut on Jay’s Forever Young, off the Blueprint 3 which has over 32 million view on YouTube to! Wish I could have offered the song for download, but I’m not trying to get our shit shutdown like OnSmash. Anyways, enjoy and share!..